This deer season was a very warm to say the very least but in many ways that was a blessing because hands down it made patterning deer movement pretty easy. The reason I say easy is because all you really had to do was to keep your eyes on the weather and look for those cold fronts. Every cold front this year produced bucks for us and since the cold fronts were sread out and not very long it was pretty easy to know when they were going to be on the move. On other years it stays cold for a long period of time so the deer get on a normal pattern meaning that just becouse its cold dosnt mean there going to move like the first day that cold front hit. Thats one of the things that helped us over come this warm weather this year was focusing on these tiny fronts that would swing threw and bless us with amazing deer movement and some big deer on the ground. Thank you and I hope this helps you out in the future.