September showed to be a bit of a brain teaser this year. With all of us hunters very excited to start our season after a year of waiting it can be very easy to over look small details that can make it or break it. We started this year targeting green bean fields and early food plots like we usually do but it was a bit slow. So the day after the opener the hunters and I are standing outside the lodge talking when I notice acorns falling which for sept 16 is mighty early so I quickly change tactics and we start focusing on oak trees that are dropping tough part of all this is on any given year we are slam full of acorns everywhere but not this year. This year there was few trees that had acorns but if you could find them get ready to see deer and thats exactly what we did. So as always mother nature will throw her curve balls you just have to be excepting to change your tactics and move to the deer just dnt be set in concrete in your ways sometimes things change and you always have to be ready to make a move to be successful in the deer woods. Good luck and happy hunting