This deer season was a very warm to say the very least but in many ways that was a blessing because hands down it made patterning deer movement pretty easy. The reason I say easy is because all you really had to do was to keep your eyes on the weather and look for those cold fronts. Every cold front this year produced bucks for us and since the cold fronts were sread out and not very long it was pretty easy to know when they were going to be on the move. On other years it stays cold for a long period of time so the deer get on a normal pattern meaning that just becouse its cold dosnt mean there going to move like the first day that cold front hit. Thats one of the things that helped us over ...



September showed to be a bit of a brain teaser this year. With all of us hunters very excited to start our season after a year of waiting it can be very easy to over look small details that can make it or break it. We started this year targeting green bean fields and early food plots like we usually do but it was a bit slow. So the day after the opener the hunters and I are standing outside the lodge talking when I notice acorns falling which for sept 16 is mighty early so I quickly change tactics and we start focusing on oak trees that are dropping tough part of all this is on any given year we are slam full of acorns everywhere but not this year. This year there was few trees that had acor...



Deer are on the food plots and standing beans. Wherever you are hunting in the Midwest at the moment lean hard on the food sources. Hunt transition spots food to bed in the am. pm will be your best sits over all especially on food sources. good luck.



What an amazing season it has been with many different obstacles to over come but as always it is challenging but you must adapt and overcome to succeed and that's exactly what we did for our clients from acorns dropping early in September to a super moon in November we adapted and changed our tactics and it ended with success. I will be blogging in the upcoming weeks in more detail on what the specific obstacles were and how we adapted and overcame mother natures little tricks. thank you for reading and if you are not currently hunting with us hope to have you join us in the near future.